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Coming from Nottingham, I have been one of the more prominent figures of the Nottingham Grime scene throughout it’s growth. Starting out in youth clubs with fellow MCs, I have gone from strength to strength and am now known as one of the scene leaders for Grime within Nottingham and as one of the best youngers in the country.

Top Tracks
The first song I bought…

Touch It — Busta Rhymes

A track that inspires me…

CasIsDead — P.A.S.O.U

My go to morning track…

Boone — Pop A Perc

My favourite track at the moment…

Skepta ft D Double E and A$AP NAST — Ladies Hit Squad

A track I wish I made…

James Blake — Modern Soul

Mentor: Sway

Sway aka Derek Safo aka Del Boy aka Mustapha The Great aka Sway aka SuperSwah aka Swizzle aka Safo Dan, however you refer to him, the UK Hip Hop scene hails London rapper Sway as one of it’s real trailblzers. Doing it his way and his way only from day dot, as well as remaining an incredibly relevant artist, Sway has developed an impressive “business” side to his music, with production companies and support from industry heavyweights at Universal.

Kid Katharsis

I am Kid Katharsis. I am a singer-songwriter. I am influenced by lots of stuff. So I see myself heading different ways. The future is always uncertain.

Top Tracks
The first song I bought…

System of a Down — B.Y.O.B

A track that inspires me…

Burial — In McDonalds

My goto morning track…

Lil Wayne — Scarface/The Smiths-Still Ill

My favourite track at the moment…

Sango — Agorinha

A track I wish I made…

The Stone Roses — I Wanna Be Adored

Mentor: Rob Gallagher

Post punk reggae funk School bands into clubs. Clubs on the mic into spoken word and Galliano . Signed to a major and experienced the music business with singles, video’s and producers, odd artwork break ups culminating in five albums . Did a lot of touring for five or six years. After that started a new group 2bo4 and a record label Red Egyptian . At the same time started out solo as Earl Zinger. Toured extensively with both and did many collaborations with many artists. Used many names to explore other creative outlets with many assorted live experiences. Most recently made and toured William Adamson project with band and solo. Whilst Performing vocals with Gilles at Dj gigs and just putting out a new project The Diabolical Liberties


We are Congi, a duo from Nottingham. We are music producers and dj's. We started making music together out of a common love of early dubstep. Hip-hop, grime, jazz and soul are other favourites of ours. We put out our first full length album in 2014 and followed that with an EP in 2015. We are currently working on our second album, the music for which feels more expansive and freer than before, a mindstate we are starting to adopt in our dj sets too.

Top Tracks
(Gaz) The first song I bought…

Destinys Child — Jumpin Jumpin

(Alex) The first song I bought…

Nas — What Goes Around

A track that inspires us…

Quark — Patagonia

A go to morning track…

Madlib — The Main Inspiration (Coltrane of Beats)

Our favourite track at the moment…

Clap! Clap! — Ingenuousness

A track we wish we made…

Mark Pritchard - Heavy As Stone

Mentor: Swindle

Swindle speaks from the heart on this, because he is a true craftsman who does things his own way, and it’s in his blood. From his very earliest memories the sounds he remembers around the house were blues, funk and jazz. But growing up around south London, other music was naturally seeping in too: pirate radio was ubiquitous at his primary school in the mid-90s, the sound was jungle. “‘Original Nuttah’, M-Beat ‘Incredible’, those ‘Junglist Massive’ CD compilations…” Then the two worlds collided. Swindle epitomises underground innovation and Musically, with his latest album “Peace Love and Music” he continues on the jazzy path that his records on Brownswood and Deep Medi put him on the map for.


I'm Medikul, a music producer from Nottingham. I make beats pulling a variety of sounds and influences from everyday life, and everything influences me. I enjoy making music which incorporates found sounds and naturally occurring rhythms, but wears styles and influences from hip-hop/downtempo, jungle and footwork. I aim to find an outlet which will allow me to confidently present my music, and the music of others like me, to audiences of like minded people so the eclectic beats scene can be enjoyed by everyone.

Top Tracks
The first song I bought…

Usher — Confessions

A track that inspires me…

Lorn — Bury Your Brother

My goto morning track…

Robert Glasper Feat. Erykah Badu — Afro Blu

My favourite track at the moment…

Hiatus Kaiyote — Finger Prints

A track I wish I made…

Lapalux feat. Szjerdene — Closure

Mentor: Alex Patchwork

Alex Patchwork - the "patchwork" part comes from DJing, running parties in London and generally messing about with music with two of my mates under the name Patchwork Pirates from about 2003 to 2010, when we switched things up and started a record label and regular events as Earnest Endeavours. I still do the odd remix and DJ here and there when the opportunity arises. On the career side of things I started out as a music journalist and went on to work for Soul Jazz Records, Brownswood Recordings / Gilles Peterson Worldwide, and I currently work at Ninja Tune as a project manager, running campaigns across our family of imprints: Ninja Tune, Brainfeeder, Werkdiscs, Counter, Big Dada and Technicolour.


My names Liam van Rijn, I’m from Hull and Revenu is my musical outlet. My main influences are things sounds and musical ideas that wouldn’t normally be put together, soulful, imperfect, outside the box music. I try to immerse myself in all types of music but I’m particularly shifted towards artists like Actress, Thom Yorke, Silver Apples, Boards of Canada. Hopefully I am heading in the direction of writing a lot more music, continue to DJ and prepare to take the music I make as Revenu out with a 'band'.

Top Tracks
The first song I bought…

Crystal Castles - Crimewave

A track that inspires me…

Empirical Sleeping Consort - Does The Exact Centre of a Wheel Turn?

My goto morning track…

Jan Hammer - Don't You Know

My favourite track at the moment…

EYE - Come On

A track I wish I made…

Massive Attack - Paradise Circus

Mentor: Alex Patchwork

Alex Patchwork - the "patchwork" part comes from DJing, running parties in London and generally messing about with music with two of my mates under the name Patchwork Pirates from about 2003 to 2010, when we switched things up and started a record label and regular events as Earnest Endeavours. I still do the odd remix and DJ here and there when the opportunity arises. On the career side of things I started out as a music journalist and went on to work for Soul Jazz Records, Brownswood Recordings / Gilles Peterson Worldwide, and I currently work at Ninja Tune as a project manager, running campaigns across our family of imprints: Ninja Tune, Brainfeeder, Werkdiscs, Counter, Big Dada and Technicolour.

Thru Colours

I would describe my sound as minimal, bass driven dance music, tinged with dub and dancehall influences. I got into production through listening to a lot of UK hip hop in my teens, beats by Jehst and Harry Love were of particular inspiration. Early Hudson Mohawke was my introduction to more experimental electronic music, and his music had a big influence on me.

'Noise Report' is a night I run with a collective of audio & visual artists - we experiment with audio-reactive visuals and makeshift-installations. The night usually takes place in Deptford, an area that has played a big part in the development my music.

Top Tracks
The first song I bought…

Linkin Park - Cure For The Itch

A track that inspires me…

Gotan Project - Arrabal (Haaksman & Haaksman Remix)

My goto morning track…

Lee Dorsey - Ya Ya

My favourite track at the moment…

Burning Spear - Red, Gold and Green

A track I wish I made…

King Baucho & Beenie Man - Weed & Grabba

Mentor: Max Wheeler

As a recording artist on Gilles Peterson’s Brownswood label. Max is one half of duo Anushka with over 2 million plays online, an album and world tour in 2014/15 and Radio 1 plaudits from Annie Mac, Skream and others. Max is a musician/producer, consultant, author and youth music tutor, specialising in Rap, Urban & Electronic music, soundtracks, remixes and peer-to-peer education projects. He has conducted thousands of workshops across the country teaching rap, beatmaking, songwriting and production to everyone from young offenders to social workers in prisons, primary schools, special needs projects and community groups. His work on lyric writing with young people has been highlighted in a peer reviewed journal by academic Luke Dickens and he is the author of VIP Studio Sessions, a major secondary school program from international education leader Charanga.

Yazmin Lacey

After years of writing and bedroom performances I took to the stage late 2013 and haven't looked back since. Born and raised in East Ham and residing in Nottingham, I used the midlands hub of creativity to explore my craft. Just reaching my 11th gig, I’ve already had air time from BBC 1xtra & BBC introducing, supported Ego Ella May, Shelter Point, and Harleigh Blu. “Sultry tones and dynamic melodies tell her journey in a beautifully honest way, drawing on influences from female icons in music, from Jazz to funk, soul to lovers rock, folk to electronic.” is how my music has been described.

Top Tracks
The first song I bought…

Spice Girls — Wannabe

A track that inspires me…

Nina Simone — young gifted and black

My goto morning track…

Throwing snow — Linguis

My favourite track at the moment…

Khruangbin — Mr.White

A track I wish I made…

Erykah Badu — I want you

Mentor: Victoria Port

Influenced by the artistry of Erykah Badu, the lyricism of Lauryn Hill and the vibes of Aaliyah, Victoria Port has always had her roots planted in Future soul, jazz and r’n’b. After studying music at university Victoria signed to Gilles Peterson's Brownswood recordings as part of duo Anushka in 2013. She has since performed worldwide and received support from the likes of Annie Mac, Jamie Cullum and Marie Anne Hobbs.

Three Body Trio

We play groove-based electronic music with the spirit of free jazz. We use a mess of hardware, software and instruments to make beats inspired by the greats of jazz, funk and hip hop. We believe in improvised music that is charged with spontaneity and imperfection, and has the crackle and hiss of cables and machines.

Top Tracks
(Pete) The first song I bought…

Artful Dodger- Please Don't Turn Me On

(Gouhan) The first song I bought…

Jay Chou - The Eight Dimensions

(Tom) The first song I bought…

Split Enz- True Colours

A track that inspires us… (Tom)

Rafiq Bhatia - Sunshower

A goto morning track… (Gouhan)

Miles Davis - I'll remember April

Our favourite track at the moment… (Pete)

BFSB - Something For Nothing

A track we wish we all made…

DJ Nigga-Fox - Hwammbo

Mentor: Simon Goffe

Simon Goffe runs Brownswood Music with partner Gilles Peterson – a record label, publishing company, events and brand development business. Besides the record label they also organize annual events including the Worldwide Awards in London and the Worldwide Festival in south of France. In the last 12 months they have set up a Production company (Mistral Productions) and been awarded NPO status by the Arts Council to run a 3 year project to develop new artists. Simon started out as a DJ and club promoter in the 1980’s, becoming a freelance music journalist for Echoes, Blues & Soul, i-D and the NME. He set up his own promotion and marketing company, Secret Promotions, before becoming Label Manager at Fiction/Desire Records. He then set up his own Heavyweight Management company in 1990, initially to represent Double Trouble and Rebel MC and subsequently acts including US3, Shut Up & Dance, The Freestylers and Sway. He also managed Roni Size for 10 years in which period Roni won the Mercury Music Prize. Simon then became Senior A&R manager at Universal Music publishing.


Soulful, relaxed, rhythm-focused jams whatever the weather. Brewed in North London, matured in South Melbourne, spilt in Manchester - now bubbling…

Top Tracks
The first song I bought…

Pretty Fly for a White Guy - Offspring

A track that inspires me…

Wax 50005 - A1

My go to morning track…

We Almost lost Detroit - Gil Scott Heron

My favourite track at the moment…

Joy Orbison - A213

A track I wish I'd made…

David Bowie - Ashes to Ashes

Mentor: Will LV

As one half of LV (Brownswood, Hyperdub, Keysound) Will has worked with some of the UK's foremost labels and released four critically acclaimed albums as well as numerous singles and remixes. He has DJed and played live across the world and is a regular on radio. For the last two years he has also been mentoring and leading studio sessions at Raw Sounds, a music project for young people in Brixton, South London.

Future Bubblers is a brand new expansion of the Gilles Peterson and Brownswood Music ethos. It’s a talent discovery and development idea we’ve put together in collaboration with Arts Council England, with a real focus on making in-roads into new areas, geographically and musically across England.

We are not limited by any style, genre or label. We want to actively seek out and assist some of the freshest and most innovative music makers from across England, and offer them a whole heap of support, mentorship & advice, profile & opportunities. Future Bubblers is about digging. The project will roll out across England, focussing on different key cities in each of the 3 years we’re active.

We want to help the bigger picture too; a scene to support and nurture these artists is key. Helping local audiences to discover the hidden musical treasures buried deep in their city - putting together positive music experiences that leave behind vibrations for a scene that continue to support and value music from that city. This is not a one-off in-and-out do-good scheme; 'Future Bubblers' is about mentoring and development for the long term across the country. It is a country-wide 'movement' of like-minds and vibes.

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What Does A Future Bubbler Sound Like?

Future Bubblers is all about things outside of the box - musically. We have created this little audio reference to help give you an idea of what “outside the box” sounds like….

Want Future Bubblers Updates?

On Road

This is the spot you can find out more about our Future Bubblers cities, partner record stores, and events planned near you. See the Future Bubblers magic unfold UK-Wide.



The Warren

Queens Dock Chambers
47-49 Queens Dock Avenue

Website →

The Sesh @ Polar Bear

229 Spring Bank
Kingston upon Hull

Website →

Soundsystem Records

8 Bowlalley Lane

Website →


The Plug

14-16 Matilda St
S1 4QD

Website →


475 Glossop Rd
S10 2QE

Website →

City Stories

This is the spot you can find out more about our Future Bubblers cities, partner record stores, and events planned near you. See the Future Bubblers magic unfold UK-Wide.

Photos from our Nottingham Launch Event…

City Sounds Nottingham

Mimm Collective

Nathaniel Coltrane Wilson

MIMM Website

Aïcha Daffé Wilson

DJ — Event Organiser

J Littles

Hip-Hop Artist


One half of DJ-duo 'Congi'

Peter Beardsworth

Musician and producer Pete Beardsworth from Three Body Trio

Trevor Rose

Heads up Russell Youth Centre

Photos from our Nottingham Block Party…

Photos from our Salford event…

City Sounds Salford

Raikes Parade

Andy Blundell

Tombed Vision Records

David McLean

Fulcrum Records

Adam Rogerson


Jack Tomson

Free Wize Men

Blind MIC

Our Salford workshop in collaboration with Ableton

The Salford Block Party…

Photos from our Hull launch…

The Hull panel…

Photos from our Sheffield launch…



So You Want To Be A Future Bubbler?


You Want To Recommend A Future Bubbler?

We understand that not every exciting new music talent has the self confidence / resources to put themselves forward for this opportunity. And so we have decided to open up this “recommendation” path - where local music organisations / studio + rehearsal room owners / promoters/ teachers etc can make suggestions on BEHALF of Future Bubblers. Of course, we ask that this is all done with some level of consent...


Old School Demo Hand-In

We have music store partners in each city. They are ready and waiting for your CDR, USB or however you want to kick it retro. Check the “On Road” section for details of where to find them in your nearest “Future Bubblers” city.

Make sure you complete the “demo submission” form in-store. They’ll package it up and get it to us. Even if you just want to chat about music and life, you should definitely just drop by and hang out with our partner homies.


How Do I Apply?

The 3 application routes to make a Future Bubblers application are all detailed in the APPLY section.

Is My Music Right?

This is the hardest question of them all! Applications are not required to be of a specific genre. Our best reference is “outside of the box” so Future Bubblers music will usually tend NOT to be commercial and it will lean more toward the experimental, leftfield and probably an electronic tinged soul sound. We have created a “What does a Future Bubbler sound like?” mix on the website to try and give you a clearer audio reference. If you watch this animation we put together too everything should fall into place.

Do I Have To Be A “Musician”?

No. Future Bubblers is open to singers / rappers / spoken word poets / DJs / producers / beat makers / trombone players - if it’s the Future Bubblers’ sound, it doesn’t matter how you make it.

Do I Have To Be A Certain Age?

No. However, if you are younger than 16 we will need to obtain parental/guardian’s consent if are selected as a final successful “Future Bubblers” candidate.

Do I Have To Be From A Focus City?

We have focus cities for each year of our project. For example, for Year 1, these are Nottingham and Salford. And for Year 2 - these will be Hull and Sheffield. There will be lots of activity in these cities around the Future Bubblers project BUT you do not have to have a focus city postcode to apply. We will consider applications from across England. NB: This is a project in collaboration with Arts Council England so we cannot accept submissions from outside of England or internationally…...yet :)

I'm A Signed Artist, Can I Apply?

Unfortunately not. Future Bubblers is all about grass roots music. Creatives with no real previous “music industry” experience or exposure are the project’s priority. So just because you don’t have a manager, an agent, even a soundcloud doesn’t mean you aren’t making perfect Future Bubblers’ vibes. This is more about potential rather than previous experience.

I Actually Don’t Have A Soundcloud. How Do I Apply?

We saw this one coming! Just because you’ve never been in a recording studio before, or have only ever DJ’d and made beats in your bedroom shouldn’t mean this opportunity can’t be an option for you. You will see on the APPLY section information about the ‘local digs” - that’s probably going to be your route through.

What Is The Deadline For Submissions?

You should make sure you have submitted your music by midnight Friday 19th August. Any submissions made after this time will not be considered.

When Will I Find Out If I Am Successful?

We will inform the 10 successful candidates Friday 2nd September 2016 with a public announcement to follow mid October. So if we do pick you, you’ll need to be good at secrets. You will be contacted by email so please ensure that from the get-go you provide us with correct and complete contact details.

What Will Happen If I Am Selected?

We are selecting a maximum of 10 candidates for each year of the project. These will be taken from across England [not exclusively from the focus cities for each year] TOTAL 10 candidates. Once you are selected we will get in touch with you to arrange an initial meeting/skype call, whichever works for you and begin to figure out who is best matched to yourself and your creative development as a mentor. This usually involves a bonding introduction trip to London. This is just the start of the journey! Future Bubblers is a three year development project so we want to ensure that your journey with us is steady and suitable. You’ll be given live music opportunities when and where appropriate, learn about how the music industry machine works and more importantly how it works best for you and your music. The Future Bubblers team and your mentor will be there along the way, as will your wider Future Bubblers’ family. We also want to encourage exchange and collaboration amongst the final Future Bubblers’ candidates. You will have direct mentorship with your industry mentor for 1 year - and then a support network from wider Future Bubblers family for the remainder of the project.

What About People That Don’t Get Through?

Just because you aren’t selected as a “Future Bubbler” does not mean that you cannot come along for the ride. There are many ways for you to remain part of the Future Bubblers story and benefit from the resources and opportunities. We will add all applicants to our mailing list and keep them up to date with local Future Bubblers activities and events. This will include things such as drop-in work shops / talks / panels in the focus cities / information on similar music opportunities. And plenty more besides... Of course this will all be on a first come first served basis so keep checking your inbox to register your interest! Future Bubblers is a family and we want to make sure as many innovative fresh music makers can benefit as possible. NB: Please inform us if you do not wish to be added to the mailing list.

I Still Have More Questions. What Do I Do?

There’s a few options here. You can email hello at futurebubblers.com and we will come back to you as soon as we can. OR in the true Future Bubblers spirit, we want you to go out there and experience and enjoy music, which is best done in person. You can visit any one of our partner stores in the focus cities. Check the ON ROAD map on the website to find out where they are. They are pretty clued up on all things Future Bubblers and should be able to help you out. You can attend a Future Bubblers event - these should generally be happening throughout the summer months of the application window where you can come and meet with us and ask questions face to face, and generally just talk about music and life. Again - check the ON ROAD section for details of these.



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